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Btc-e, bitcoin-rahaa

btc-e, bitcoin-rahaa

star accomodations the entire way through rcgenie. Over the past few weeks, m has reported on the BTC-e exchange and how it was seized.S. Kneedrag : how about you? For details, please visit our privacy policy. Do you think they will return the money to customers? Further, the indictment of the alleged BTC-e administrator, Alexander Vinnik, includes a 110M penalty against the BTC-e exchange for money laundering and illegal money transmission. Other Members of BTC-e Partner Businesses Arrested. At the time of writing.S. The BTC-e trading platforms latest update written in Russian. Bitcoin uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority: transaction management and money issuance are carried out collectively by the network. BTC-e has also mentioned in its latest public message that employees from a particular company called, Mayzus Financial Services Ltd, have also been arrested for being tied to the money flow.

Cookies are important for the proper functioning of our website. Rcgenie : someone's going to deposit 900 mill in their podunkvill hometown bank account this week rcgenie : instant billionaire wealth without all the billionaire obligations and quid pro quos kneedrag : what is the tax rate for 2billion of income in one year? The message from BTC-e is a hopeful sign that some traders may get their funds back. Justice Department and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN have seized the trading platforms domain and claim the exchange has broken money transmission laws. We use cookies to improve and personalise your experience of our services. According to the message, some of the purses were taken by the FBI so there could be a portion of funds that will be unavailable to BTC-e traders. Rcgenie : kneedrag, leaves you will around 900 mill kneedrag : rcgenie, bad maths brah. Rcgenie : whats 904 million, or 570 miilion over 20Y, around 30mill/y?

At the moment, operators of the trading platform detail they are evaluating the balances. Images via Shutterstock, BTC-e, and Bitcointalk. We further detailed how the operators of the exchange released a public message, describing the FBI takedown and the possibility of customers getting their money back. The cash payout option is 904 million minus 37 kneedrag : if you take the lump sum up front vs annuity rcgenie : i don't know why people avoid the annuity rcgenie : maybe they think the gov will take it back? To acknowledge this message and use our site, please click continue. Kneedrag : if you think interest rates will be 15 again like in 80s then you take up front and get better ROI rcgenie : doesnt the annuity pay out with interest of its own? What do you think about the latest statement from BTC-e?