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Bitcoin kermit

bitcoin kermit

site? Believe me, we find these hyip themes as weird as you. Just designed to build unwarranted trust! 7/22/18 The 100GH/s isn't real, and isn't free either, as you will find should you ever wish to withdraw the ficticious earnings! 6/28/16 m One more ponzi fraud to add to this list. Please don't fall for this scam. 10/23/17 fo Do not try this site. 7/16/16 m All doublers are just frauds with faked payouts. 10/26/15 Since every doubler is just a thief, we'll leave YOU to work out what a 'tripler' might. Make it flashy and professional looking, people may fall for. 12/12/16 m In this instance, daring is just futility.

The difference between an inference and a conclusion clatgyan Open Thread.5 Slate Star Codex Viikkokatsaus 21/2016: Bitcoinin käyttö Intiassa kasvaa

10/4/17 m This half arsed fraudster could claim to come from the moon, and that would be a lie as well. We told you. If you send it, this thief will keep it, and you cannot get it back. Double your Bitcoin, we mine, blah de blah 6/17/14 They are lying to you, and trying to steal your bitcoin - That's all you need to know. 5/29/17 z A hyip/Scam 12/11/15 Very fast with other peoples money! 3/4/18 z Bitcoin cannot double, in fact it's just halved, so please stop falling victim to these frauds. 5/17/18 t Another one that has it's own 'client' software. If you didn't, you may have problems ahead, be careful. Probably, so we'll list. 12/22/16 z If you send your bitcoin here, it won't be a golden day that you are having, it will be a bitcoin losing day. 11/1/15 t You will burn out your PC without ever reaching payout thresholds - Just don't install any shit software for home mining. We have more reports about this site than any other 6/3/1 t Reports about this site not paying, and the host is uncontactable.